1.5"belt clip that is adjustable for cant. 08 thickness. Polymer80 PF940CL Compact Longslide 80% Pistol Frame Kit Glock 17 Textured Polymer - $99.99 Whether you call it a longslide Glock 19 or a grip-chopped Glock 17, the PF940CL is an industry first! Features like the extended beaver tail, double undercut trigger guard, and a thumb ledge considerably. 0. UPC: 819925021560. Rock Slide USA easiest, affordable, budget polymer 80 build pf940 g17 vemon cut slide PF940CL 1. 0. 1083 Views Share Embed Download In General. Rock Slide USA is your one stop shop for a complete Glock. When building you complete polymer80 build they have tons of different options when building it..

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